Mor Bagh

Mor Bagh

Mehrauli, Delhi

Timings: 7:00 AM - 6:00 AM

Contact Person: Radiance Motel

  • Rating: 5 Stars
  • Other Features: Outside Catering Allowed

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About Us

MorBagh, Chattarpur, Delhi, offers a lavish green lawn that is suitable for hosting various functions like birthdays, anniversaries, pre-wedding ceremonies, and other social events. The lawn is also suitable for planning your wedding and reception ceremony. It can accommodate a large crowd. The venue is based on 4th Ave Road near Jaunapur Police Check Post inside Junapur Village, making it well-connected and easily accessible.At MorBagh, Delhi, you can get your very own decor team, who can aid you in setting any excellent theme for your special day. At this venue, your visitors would appreciate delectable food including both veg and non-veg specialties. The staff here is solicitous and takes care of everything needed. The venue additionally provides ample parking space as well as serves alcohol to your guests. The serenity of the place will make your guests feel at peace and invited. Book MorBagh, Delhi, to have a remarkable experience

Type of Function

Birthday Party
Wedding Function
Pre-Wedding Function
Post Wedding Function
Anniversary Party
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Cocktail Party

Venue Indoor / Outdoor

Venue - Indoor & Outdoor
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Venue Available on Rental
No Venue Available on Rental
Venue - Indoor
Venue - Outdoor
Venue Available on Rental Basis Rs.1-50000
Venue Available on Rental Basis Rs.50000-100000
Venue Available on Rental Basis Rs.100000-200000
Venue Available on Rental Basis Rs.200000-300000
Venue Available on Rental Basis >300000

Car Parking

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Car Parking
Car Parking 100
Car Parking 150
Car Parking 200
Car Parking 250
Car Parking 300
Car Parking 500
Car Parking 600
Car Parking 700
Car Parking 900
Car Parking 1000
No Car Parking
Valet Parking
Car & Bus Rental Arranged
Car Parking 400
Car Parking 800

Food and Beverages

Not Vegetarian
Alcohol Allowed
Outside Alcohol Allowed
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Bar Available
No Bar Available
Outside Alcohol not Allowed
Alcohol Allowed with License


No Rooms Available
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Only 1 Room
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No. of Rooms 100
No. of Rooms 150
No. of Rooms 200
No. of Rooms 250
No. of Rooms 300
No. of Rooms 400
No. of Rooms 500
More than 500
Room Available
No. of Rooms 15
No. of Rooms 25
No. of Rooms 40
No Room Available

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